At Your Service

Cloud Services

Cloud Services are an easy way to help accelerate your business goals by providing scalable solutions and easy payment terms. CNJ offers expertise in Microsoft Azure Cloud Services with our certified Azure Administrators and expereinced Engineers on staff.

Office Networks

Office and Building network and computer technology is the bread and butter of any organization. We offer management, ugprade and problem solutions to businesses for all of your on-premise needs. WiFi Problems? Old Computers? Need a Firewall? We can help you with everything from your internet connection to your CEO's laptop.

Email & Team Communications

Email, Chat, and Cloud file storage is the name of the game for a nimble and fast growing company. We can help you with deploying and managing these communciation systems. We specailize in Microsoft 365 services, but we can assist you with any platform of your choice.

Special Projects

Do you have a special Tech project in mind? Maybe a new Customer Service system? Maybe you want to migrate your On-Prem servers to the cloud? Are you building a new office and need new Wifi or an office wired up for the future? We can help you with most technology projects that you have in mind.